Emulator Host Mode on Emulator

There is a very easy way to download files off the emulator that is given very little recognition in the Palm development documentation. It may be so because it is still beta; indeed I never got it to work as intended. Emulator Host Mode is supposed to allow a developer to view a webos application in a desktop browser. It does so by forwarding a local port on the emulator via shh. The command to accomplish this on Linux is:

ssh -p 5522 -L 5581:localhost:8080 root@localhost

After doing this you should be able to browse internal and third-party apps at

http://localhost:5581/PalmApps and

But I simply point my browser at http://localhost:5581 to see the entire emulator contents. One use I have found is to download html5 databases for offline inspection. These are stored at


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